This is a guest post by blockchain engineer, Protocol Labs researcher, and frequent Metis Medium contributor Alfonso de la Rocha.

There’s no question that the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is currently the de-facto runtime for the execution of smart contracts. This may change in a few years, but there is…

By Alfonso de la Rocha

Fighting asset fragmentation in blockchains

The word on the street is that NFT fever is not over, and a single search in your search engine of choice will definitely confirm it. News about the release of an interactive NFT Platform, the first-ever NFT trophy for…

Metis is building a Rollup platform that offers the optimal combination of security, scalability, and performance. Doing so requires constant analysis, frequent decision making, and occasional tradeoffs. So today we’re excited to share with our community the current progress, breakthroughs, and short-term milestones of our expansion.

Our aim is to…

At Metis, we work hard every day to develop new and exciting technology. But in the blockchain world, bleeding-edge tech by itself isn’t enough. You need new and exciting projects to adopt that technology, then use it to grow and thrive in their own right.

Months of parallel work developing…


Layer 2 protocol to run Decentralized Economies

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