Metis Planet Wide Ambassador Yaroslav Kozhukhov

After a successful and massive number of applications for Metis Planet Wide Ambassador program, we have selected 30 ambassadors from all over the globe. These ambassadors are Community Leaders, Blockchain Industry Experts, and Influencers. They have now joined the global ecosystem of Metis project, and become the cornerstone in the worldwide expansion of Metis. These Ambassadors will take the missions and tasks, and make the appropriate contributions to MetisDAO and gain rewards accordingly.

We will start unveiling our ambassadors one by one with official post from Metis, to start with, we have the first Metis Planet Wide Ambassador Yaroslav Kozhukhov

Yaroslav lives in Ukraine, studied and graduated in the National Technical University — Dnipro Polytechnic from 2014 to 2020. Since 2017, began to study cryptocurrencies and completely immersed in this world and have been in crypto industry since 2018, he began his career as a community manager at and have worked with a lot of other projects such being the community manager at OKex Russian telegram group, Smart Valor, Obryte and Serving as the Russian ambassador for Status Network, Yaroslav promoted their project on YouTube and wrote articles. He also served as the listing manager for

He has skills mainly in Content creation, Community development and extensions, SEO promotion and social marketing. Yaroslav has organized and moderated a number of AMAs and virtual events including POLKADOT Trading event and OKex airdrop.

Metis is glad to welcome Yaroslav Kozhukhov as a Metis Planet Wide Ambassador as he brings these and many other interesting contributions to Metis Expansion.

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