CEG Spotlight #1: Hera Finance

What exactly is a Liquidity Aggregator?

  • Smart Routing
  • Trade Splitting
  • Swap Fees Distribution
  • Multitoken aggregation
  • Governance (DAO) — Soon

Let’s look into each of these:

  • Ecosystem Funds (Treasury) (40%)
  • Development & Marketing (20%)
  • Buy $HERA & Add LP (15%)
  • Rewards Pool (15%)
  • Leaderboard (10%)
  • Protocol upgrades
  • Alternative network executions
  • Adding/removing AMM pools
  • Acceptance/rejection of the planned features
  • Burn/Inflation suggestions



  • Branding and assets creation
  • Live: Website and Doc’s
  • Establishment of the early community
  • Smart contracts and multi-hops ready
  • Dex aggregator on testnet
  • Seed & private sale rounds for $HERA
  • Audits
  • Hera Token public sale
  • Hera Token Launch
  • Gas optimization
  • Multichain compatibility
  • Hera Guard v2
  • New AI powered pathfinder algorithm
  • New trade splitting method
  • SDK release (potentially for Q2)

Developer Support

  1. Removing key barriers to providing a good UX, including having clear instructions for issues like ATAs and open orders.
  2. Providing various methods of accessing the swap, so all apps, dapps, and programs can use it seamlessly
  3. Providing updated liquidity sources, token lists, and possible UX improvements as soon as possible.

Contribution to the Ecosystem



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