Decentralization Roadmap of Metis Layer 2 Infrastructure

  • Our co-founders are only initiators, not the ones who will control the entire project, or anything close. To show that we’re serious, we will only take a small part of the token allocations (the entire Metis team, founders included, owns just 7% of the total supply).
  • Investors are our early supporters, but they are also only one part of the whole community. As a result, their allocation will also be limited, to less than 20%.
  • By extension, the vast majority of our lifetime token supply will be reserved for our community. In fact, half of our already limited lifetime token supply of 10 million tokens would be reserved exclusively for community mining purposes, taking place over a span of 10 years.
  • The project will be purely decentralized, both in terms of infrastructure and management.

Building a Decentralized Infrastructure

  • Andromeda launch, Week of November 15, 2021: Verifier Nodes will be available to challenge all transactions. A special incentive mechanism will be used to keep all the Verifiers actively involved in maintaining the security of the network.
  • Rest of 2021: All the Layer 1 smart contracts will be managed by our DAC community; the incentive, challenge and punishment mechanisms involved will thus all be optimized.
  • Q1 2022: Verifiers will conduct real-time verifications, thus shortening the finalization window for transactions. Instead of a week or more for withdrawals from Layer 2 to Layer 1, L2-L1 withdrawals using Metis will take just a few hours, and eventually just a few minutes.
  • Q2 2022: The Metis Sequencer Pool will open for community participation. All the verifiers will be added into the Sequencer Pool automatically. A challenge and voting mechanism will be implemented to choose which one can be the next sequencer, ensuring that Sequencer positions rotate efficiently.
  • Q3 2022: We will release the cloud deployment code for both the main and peer nodes, enabling everyone to run a Metis node with high security and efficiency.

Metis Belongs to You, not to Us



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Layer 2 protocol to run Decentralized Economies