Matrix RPS Badge Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Metis Community NFT Badge contest on Creaticles!

Ryujin (anon creator) is the winner and creator of six NFT badges for the launch of Matrix, Reputation Power. Ryujin is a visual artist with over 10 years of experience in the gaming/ movie industry, now working as a freelancer and active member of the Metis community. The artwork was judged by the Metis team to narrow down four finalists, in which the finalists were voted on by the community. Ryujin received over 400 votes from members of the community and took first place! Check out the winning artwork on Creaticles.

The award included 63.375 METIS (worth $1,232.56 at the time of this article) and a Metis Mosaic NFT Badge, redeemable upon the launch of Matrix, Reputation Power!

Congratulations again to the winner!

Metis will launch NFT badges on Matrix to represent Reputation Power achievements earned by members of our community. Upon the launch of Matrix, Metis community members will be able to earn NFT Badges to represent on-chain identities for milestones such as: having the best twitter threads, voting in governance, deploying smart contracts, and more!

Learn more about Matrix in our recent article, The Future is Here: Matrix Reputation Power

Follow the new Matrix Twitter for updates on the launch: @RPSMatrix

Checkout all the finalists and submissions! Four artworks made it to the community vote.

  • WINNER 🌟Ryujin is a visual artist with over 10 years of experience in the gaming/ movie industry, now working as a freelancer and active contributor in the Metis community. Congrats again! View the art and find Ryujin on Telegram: Ryujin87
  • Stellie is a designer with 10+ years experience, currently the lead designer at Peak Finance and Metis Ninja. Not one but TWO of Stellie’s artworks were selected for the final round. Checkout both artworks and find Stellie on Twitter @metisninjas
    Submission 1
    Submission 2
  • Christopher Guardiano: an independent artist with a portfolio designing graphics for web3 NFT projects, unique sketches, and creating fanart. Christopher submitted multiple nft badges and made it to the final round for his artwork. View the art and find Christopher on Twitter and his website.

View all the artwork submissions on the Creaticles request page: Metis NFT Badge Contest.

Thank you to all contributors!

Thank you to everyone who contributed! Members of the community submitted over 60 sets of badges, with a massive amount of votes on the final poll. Metis and the Matrix team loved seeing the community involved and engaged over art and voting.

As a surprise and thank you to everyone who contributed, all contributors are whitelisted for Matrix to earn NFT badges and Reputation Power — creators and voters!! 👏 Addresses were collected on the Creaticles page upon the submission of artwork and during the votes.

The contest wouldn’t be possible without the Creaticles platform and team. Creaticles team members were hands-on with the Metis community throughout the entire process, not only hosting the contest on its web3 native platform, but providing marketing support and opportunities for creators to branch out to wider communities.

Creaticles is a first-of-its-kind custom NFT-request platform that connects talented creators with businesses and brands. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in content platforms, crypto. and blockchain technology, Creaticles is the platform to request NFT assets for any project or occasion. Learn how you can run your own contests or become an artist on Creaticles:



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