Metis Community Highlights of 2022

Metis has expanded into regional communities around the world, supporting our goal of an inclusive, decentralized ecosystem, and breaking the language barrier for users who join Metis with different dialects. It has been a great year at Metis for the community, and we are happy to highlight some of our favorite memories from 2022.

Andromeda Week

Andromeda Week marked the one year anniversary of our Metis Layer 2 Mainnet going live, and it was celebrated with one of the biggest community activities for this year comprising of daily community quizzes on Telegram and Discord, Metis Swag picture contest and an egg hunt for 5 special Eggs on our website, one each day. The Metis team capped off the anniversary with a livestream event, celebrating 1 year of development.

Metis Africa

Metis Africa is an African centered Metis expansion which will accelerate adoption, innovation, education, and talent development across the African Continent. Metis Africa made a debut at the CryptoFest Blockchain events in Cape Town, South Africa on 30th September 2022. The Metis Africa team was also present at the Ghana Crypto and DeFi summit held in Accra, Ghana, where they interacted with the African developer community, Web 2 and Web3 companies, crypto users and blockchain enthusiasts to educate them on the Web3 infrastructure being built. Metis is ready to provide the infrastructure to support African Web3 innovations and adoptions.

Metis Africa also organized a Christmas Special AMA series on Telegram where leaders of the various EcoNodes were invited to interact with the community.

Metis Russia

In 2022, Metis also actively developed in the Russian-speaking region (CIS + Ukraine) and in Europe. This summer, the Metis team visited EthCC in Paris, where Metis team member Pavel spoke at the Metaverse Summit.

We were sponsors and partners of Blockchain Life 2022 in Moscow in September, which welcomed 5,000+ participants and over 50 different projects. Natalia Ameline and Elena Sinelnikova were the speakers of this event. We also presented Metis in Belarus at the SmartTaler event, with 1000+ participants, and CryptoYug in Russia, with 500+ participants. Thanks to the attended conferences, we have attracted dozens of new projects and partnerships to the ecosystem.



There is a fast growing community of Metis users in Latin America. Metis has a goal of giving the community in Latin America a chance to enter the Web3 ecosystem in a fast and cheap way through our infrastructure. Metis participated in ETHLATAM in Argentina, and hosted the first MetisFest in Buenos Aires in August 2022. MetisLATAM also organized a Hackathon to attract the blockchain developers in Colombia, and there was a massive turnout. We are expanding to different regions in Latin America, like Ecuador and Uruguay, and providing web3 educational content through Medium articles, Youtube videos, Twitter.



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