Metis Ecosystem Development Program Launches

  • Autonomy Capital
  • 7 O’Clock Foundation
  • Master Ventures
  • InnMind
  • Ignition Launchpad
  • Apollo-X Launchpad
  • Ignition China

Program Benefits

Technical Support

VC Introductions or Investment

Marketing and Community Construction

Launchpad Expressway

Joint Business Development

Builder Mining


How to gain continuous Builder Mining Yields


Rules of Builder Mining Pool ($1M worth of $METIS tokens)

  • based on your staked $METIS tokens as a percentage of the total staked $METIS token pool
  • adjusted by a multiplier (Computation Power) determined by the tasks accomplished, which include staking $METIS tokens, deploying a smart contract on Metis Layer 2, deploying a DApp on Metis Layer 2, and more

Application Form



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