Metis Hackathon Coming October 2!

At Metis, we aim to be much more than just a Layer 2 Rollup and Ethereum scaling solution. Our goal is to become a hub for the entire Web3 economy.

Meeting that goal requires big thinking. It means integrating the best projects and DApps from many different industries and niches — both from the blockchain world and the vast world of Web2 companies that stand to benefit from everything that blockchain has to offer.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce details for the first ever #MetisHackathon!

Starting October 2 and running until October 30, we’re inviting you to build and migrate Ethereum DApps onto the Metis Layer 2 platform. The best DApps will win prizes from a bounty pool worth $1 million in $METIS tokens.

We’ll say that again. One. Million. Dollars.

The prizes will be awarded in six main tracks:

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Track: Build or port Ethereum DeFi DApps, Tools, Platforms, or infrastructure into the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible Metis Layer 2 platform.

Web2->Web3 Integrations Track: Build or port DApps, DAOs, tools or platforms that are similar to popular Web2 platforms (for example Uber, AirBnB, Meetup, Eventbrite, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook…or invent your own!) and implement it on the EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2 platform.

Popular Web3->Metis Integrations Track: Port/integrate popular Web3 Decentralized Apps, DAOs, tools or platforms (AAVE, Uniswap, OpenSea, etc.) and implement them on the EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2 platform.

Decentralized Gaming Track: Design or port blockchain-based games or gaming platforms onto the EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2 platform.

Digital Art/Collectibles Track: Create DApps, Tools, and platforms for creating and/or minting NFTs and trading them on the Metis Layer 2 platform.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Track: Create a DApp, Tool or platform on Metis Layer 2 that solves one or more of the problems consistent with the UNSDGs (no poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, gender equality, clean energy, clean water, decent work, innovation, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, climate action, world peace, life on land and below water, partnerships for these goals). See all UNSDGs here.

And now we’re excited to announce a seventh prize track.

Metis is the goddess of prudence and wisdom, as well as our company namesake and logo. Our company was born out of CryptoChicks, a women-led non-profit that started as a few friends getting together for coffee to discuss blockchain and crypto, then grew into a global blockchain community spread across 56 countries. Metis CEO (and CryptoChicks co-founder) Elena Sinelnikova is committed to building an inclusive environment where everyone can benefit from the power of blockchain.

With that in mind, Metis is thrilled to announce our 1st #MetisHackathon judge: @Punk7326. @Punk7326 has graciously agreed to award 1 ETH to the best female-built DApp deployed on Metis Layer 2, based on her final decision.

Finally, we’re inviting the best blockchain projects to participate in #MetisHackathon as speakers and judges: Any project that contributes a prize bounty for the event will gain speaker and judge privileges, and will become eligible to join the Metis Ecosystem Development Program.

Want to apply to build your own DApp and compete for prizes at #MetisHackathon? Fill out our application form.

To apply as a #MetisHackathon speaker/judge and offer prize bounties as a Hackathon Partner, fill out our Hackathon Partner application form.

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