Metis Launches its DAOtribution Grants Campaign on KORIS!

3 min readFeb 6


MetisDAO Foundation is pleased to announce its DAOtribution Campaign, a grants program aimed at empowering contributors and communities to kickoff their DACs on KORIS!

Starting February 6th, 2023, MetisDAO Foundation will open weekly Kohorts for qualified applicants to submit grant proposals and receive funding through the Metis token. The campaign is aimed at supporting the community growth of KORIS, the first software built specifically for Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs). KORIS supports the evolution of the DAO and serves as the business layer to the Metis Web3 economy.

Groups are encouraged to learn more about the DAOtribution Campaign and apply for a grant to kickstart their DAC on KORIS. The grant proposals must be aimed at supporting an existing DAO. For more information, please see below and visit the DAOTribution Page.

Grants through Governance!

Through the use of governance, the MetisDAO Foundation aims to support the decentralized community growth of DACs within its ecosystem. In order to receive a grant, proposals must be voted on within MetisDAC’s governance on the KORIS platform.

What does the application and governance process look like?

  1. To successfully apply for the grant, applicants must meet minimum eligibility criteria *Please see below for the eligibility criteria.
  2. Qualified applicants will have their proposal posted to the MetisDAC governance hosted on the KORIS platform.
  3. Communities are encouraged to vote for proposals they wish to receive the grants.
  4. Top voted proposals will be qualified to receive grants

Through this community-led decision making process, the first DACs on KORIS will be formed, kicked off with treasuries sponsored by grants from the MetisDAO Foundation.

Who is eligible for a DAOtribution Grant?

Contributors and working groups (e.g. DAOs, projects, or teams) who submit a grant proposal with the intent of launching a DAC that benefits an existing DAO.

✅ Eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants that have 3 verifiable individuals on their team
  • Verifiably eligible individuals are people that can be verified by a social identity e.g. Twitter direct message

2. Project has a product/service/mission in the proposal that would be created or expanded upon

3. Project has a live website or pitch deck

4. Project has social media accounts:

  • Discord
  • Twitter

💡Example proposals:

  • Create a DAC to support the development of an existing application
  • Launch a Podcast (or other marketing channel) for your DAO
  • Fund a DAC to produce content or research reports for your DAO

*ALL grant proposals must be aimed at supporting an existing DAO.

Why should I apply?

In total, MetisDAO Foundation will issue $15,000 worth of grants in Metis tokens. The grants are dispersed in six weekly Kohorts, in which a total of $2,500 will be reserved per week to the top three voted DACs (one $1,500 grant and two $500 runner ups per week)!

Grants will be issued by the MetisDAO Foundation to DACs after completing the onboarding process and proof-of-use milestones (see more details in the FAQ). Once initial milestones are completed, the new DACs will receive their total grant amount.

We hope that these new grants allow you to pay “tribute” to your favorite DAO or project by allowing you to create net new value for them through our program!

How to Get Started!

➡️Review the qualifications, voting process, and milestones on the DAOTribution Page.

➡️Make sure to join the Metis Discord.




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