Metis Marathon Community Campaign

  • Follow Metis on Twitter and make a tweet
  • Join Metis on Telegram and Discord
  • Winner 🥇 = 30 Metis tokens
  • 2nd Place = 25 Metis tokens
  • 3rd Place = 20 Metis tokens
  • 4th Place = 15 Metis tokens
  • 5th Place = 10 Metis tokens
  • Metis Question of the Day
  • Content Creation
  • YouTubers, TikTokers, animators and short video creators can bring out their video content creating skills by making a video of any of the Metis products. The best and most educational videos will be promoted and shared with the community, and the creators rewarded. Priority will be given to local content creators whose content is made in their native local language and generates high engagement..
  • #MetisMarathon Meme
  • Local Community Spotlight



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Layer 2 protocol to run Decentralized Economies