12 min readMay 28, 2021


Metis Weekly AMA review.

1. Please introduce Metis to us in one statement?

A: A Layer 2 Rollup infrastructure to support the running of the Web 3.0 economy.

2. What are the ways to earn Metis tokens?

A: You will be able to mine Metis tokens once our mainnet is live (Q3 2021).

3. Has Metis management given proper consideration to the global nature of cryptocurrencies?

A: The beauty of crypto’s global nature is that it actually defines success of our business. We are not restricted and people from different countries will be able to build their own businesses using Metis.

4. How does Metis plan to deal with technology and security concerns for cryptocurrencies?

A: Metis focuses on the speed as well as the security of the entire ecosystem. We employ multiple Sequencers as well as L2 Rangers, which act as incentivized auditors. This is to ensure both fast and secure transactions and withdrawals on and from our Layer 2 solution.

5. How does the Bitcoin market affect Metis’ trading price?

A: The crypto market as a whole has historically had a strong correlation to Bitcoin’s price. However, we are in a far more advanced phase in 2021. Today, blockchain companies with strong use cases and functionality are being rewarded with token price gains, even when BTC struggles. Expect that decoupling to continue as time goes on, and for Metis to continue to unveil new functionalities in the days, weeks, and months to come.

6. Can you share details of your partnership with Opolis? What benefits are we as a community going to get from Metis’ partnership with Opolise

A: We are glad to have Opolis as our partner. Here is a short brief about them and why we were in sync as partners:

Until now, independent workers struggled to gain the rights and protections afforded to salaried employees. For example, Uber drivers have been fighting for more rights and protections for years, but have often to gain traction in their fight.

As an organization committed to building a better, more just #FutureOfWork, Opolis aims to change that. Opolis is a digital employment cooperative for independent workers. Using the structure of that cooperative and it’s…