MetisSwap Testnet User Guide

Welcome to the Testnet edition of MetisSwap!

What is MetisSwap?

A Layer 2 Decentralized Exchange application building on Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet.

Why are you launching MetisSwap?

Decentralized Exchanges are the most complicated application in all of DeFi. Launching MetisSwap proves that any and all DeFi projects can run on Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet from now on.

What you can do via MetisSwap?

You will be able to:

  • Connect with Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet wallet.
  • Get $METIS test tokens from Metis Faucet.
  • Create your own test token on Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet.
  • Add your test token into the liquidity pool and swap them with other tokens.

Who can use MetisSwap?

Anyone. Whether you’re DeFi-savvy or a total newbie, give MetisSwap a try to experience the blazing speed and low gas fees of Metis Layer 2.

How can I get airdrop rewards for testing?

  • Hold at least 10 $METIS tokens in the wallet that you will use to participate in MetisSwap testing. Tokens can be bought on or Uniswap.
  • To participate in MetisSwap testing, you’ll need to connect with MetisSwap Testnet, create your own token, add liquidity, and then swap it (a detailed user guide can be found below).
  • Testing period: June 29 to July 16 (12 pm UTC).
  • Follow Metis on Twitter and Telegram.
  • Airdrop rewards: 600 qualified testers will be rewarded with 5 $METIS tokens each.

How to Use MetisSwap

Step 1: Connect to MetisSwap

Log in at

Step 2: Get Rinkeby test ETH and Bridge (transfer) it from Layer 1 to Layer 2.

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to “Rinkeby Test Network”.

Step 3: Connect with Metis Layer 2 Testnet

Click the drop down button and choose “MetisLayer2Test”

Step 4: Get Metis test tokens for paying gas fees

Transactions on Metis Layer 2 will cost Metis tokens as the gas fee. In this test phase, you will thus have to get some Metis test tokens on Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet first.

Step 5: Create your own token on Metis Layer 2 Testnet

In order to better use the Swap functions, you can create your own token on Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet, add it into the liquidity pool, and swap it with others.

Step 6: Add your token address to MetaMask

After the creation of your token, on the Congratulations popup page, click “Add to MetaMask” to add your token. You will then be able to view your token in the Assets section of your MetaMask wallet.

Step 7: Add your token into the liquidity pool

Click “Pool”, and then “Create a pair”.

Step 8: Swap your test token with other tokens

Click “Swap”, choose the token you want to trade, then start trading and experience the low gas fees and high transaction speed of Metis Layer 2.

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