MetisSwap Testnet User Guide

Welcome to the Testnet edition of MetisSwap!

What is MetisSwap?

Why are you launching MetisSwap?

What you can do via MetisSwap?

  • Bridge ETH from Layer 1 (Rinkeby Testnet) to Layer 2 (Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet).
  • Connect with Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet wallet.
  • Get $METIS test tokens from Metis Faucet.
  • Create your own test token on Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet.
  • Add your test token into the liquidity pool and swap them with other tokens.

Who can use MetisSwap?

How can I get airdrop rewards for testing?

  • To participate in MetisSwap testing, you’ll need to connect with MetisSwap Testnet, create your own token, add liquidity, and then swap it (a detailed user guide can be found below).
  • Testing period: June 29 to July 16 (12 pm UTC).
  • Follow Metis on Twitter and Telegram.
  • Airdrop rewards: 600 qualified testers will be rewarded with 5 $METIS tokens each.

How to Use MetisSwap

Step 1: Connect to MetisSwap

Step 2: Get Rinkeby test ETH and Bridge (transfer) it from Layer 1 to Layer 2.

2. Click “Give me ETH” to get test ETH tokens.

You will find that 0.1 test ETH has been sent to you.

Or you can follow the instructions and get more test ETH via Rinkeby Faucet

3. Click “Bridge Assets”, input the number of test ETH that you hope to bridge, and transfer that ETH from Rinkeby Test Network to Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet.

After clicking “Transfer”, the MetaMask wallet will pop up for you to confirm the transfer.

4. Congratulations, your test ETH asset has been transferred to Metis Layer 2! Now let’s start to test more functions.

Step 3: Connect with Metis Layer 2 Testnet

MetaMask will pop up with a notice of the configuration of MetisLayer2Test. Click “Approve” to switch your network to MetisLayer2Test network.

All right! Now you have accessed Metis Layer 2 Beta Testnet.

Step 4: Get Metis test tokens for paying gas fees

Click “Faucet” and on the page you will see “Give me Metis”. Click on that button and you will get 1 Metis test token per day for paying gas fees…even though 1 Metis test token can be used by itself for many days, covering up to thousands of transactions on Metis Layer 2.

Step 5: Create your own token on Metis Layer 2 Testnet

Click “Create Token”, input the Token Name, Symbol, and the amount of Supply (you can drag the bar to adjust the amount). Then click “create” to mint your very first Layer 2 token on Metis Beta Testnet.

After clicking “Confirm” in MetaMask, your Layer 2 token will be created.

Step 6: Add your token address to MetaMask

You have now added your own token in MetaMask, but not yet to the official MetisSwap token list. In order to do that, follow the instructions on the page, send the Tweet, post your screenshot in our Telegram group, and tell our Telegram admin that you hope to add the token into the official list so that other people can also swap your token.

Step 7: Add your token into the liquidity pool

Choose the token pair (e.g. W6/Metis) for which you want to add liquidity. Input the number, then approve the transaction.

Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

After the confirmation, click “Supply” to add the token pair into the liquidity pool.

Confirm to create your pool and supply.

Your pool has been created!

If you can’t find your pool, use the “Import” function to add it.

Step 8: Swap your test token with other tokens

Happy testing!

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