The Booming Metis DeFi Ecosystem

Netswap (

  • Create liquidity pairs (LP) in the “Pool” section of Netswap
  • Lock up equal $ amounts of two assets and receive LP tokens
  • Earn rewards for providing liquidity
  • With farming, you can stake those LP tokens for additional yield
  • Rewards are paid in $NETT tokens
  • When you make an LP, you are subject to Impermanent Loss
  • Simply put, if the value of one asset moves and the other one stays the same (or worse, moves in the opposite direction), when you withdraw your LP, you will have a certain percentage permanently lost
  • The liquidity pool buys and sells tokens as people swap in and out of the assets in the trading pair
  • Example: if you make an LP with $METIS/$USDT and the value of $METIS goes up 50%, the value of $USDT will still be the same
  • In the pool, what has happened is that more $METIS tokens are being purchased and exchanged for $USDT which dilutes the ratio of $METIS:$USDT in the liquidity pool
  • As a result, you will get back less $METIS tokens and more $USDT tokens, but also suffer 2% impermanent loss
  • Use this calculator to explore: ​​

Tethys Finance (

  • Stake LP tokens in any of the following pools to receive additional yield paid in $TETHYS
  • Stake $TETHYS to receive a receipt in the form of $xTETHYS
  • Receive 0.03% of swap amounts, compounding every two days

Standard Protocol (

Pickle Finance (

Beefy Finance (

Agora DeFi (



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