The Vibrant and Growing Metis Ecosystem

At Metis, we work hard every day to develop new and exciting technology. But in the blockchain world, bleeding-edge tech by itself isn’t enough. You need new and exciting projects to adopt that technology, then use it to grow and thrive in their own right.

Months of parallel work developing that tech and recruiting great projects has culminated in today’s release of the Metis Ecosystem chart.

One of the most logical and widely adopted use cases for blockchain technology is Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The Metis stable of DeFi partners has swelled to a dozen different projects.


All of the following DeFi projects will build on Metis Layer 2, enjoying an advantage that other Rollups and scaling solutions don’t offer: Builder Mining. Every transaction made on a DApp that’s deployed on Metis Layer 2 receives revenue, in the form of $METIS tokens.

  • Standard Protocol is a Collateralized Stablecoin protocol operating on multiple blockchains, with plans to integrate onto Metis Layer 2 to enjoy the security and decentralization of Ethereum with much faster transactions and lower gas fees.

Technical Infrastructure

Infrastructure companies form the backbone of the blockchain metaverse. Metis is thrilled to partner with these infrastructure projects (with more infrastructure partnerships coming soon):

  • SupraOracles will provide Metis’ DeFi applications with fast, reliable, and secure data feeds, while also allowing the Metis community to choose from a variety of innovative data options.

Future of Work/DAOs

As a company, Metis formed with the idea of revolutionizing the Future of Work, using Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to unite communities. That idea evolved into what we call Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs), which go beyond the governance model offered by DAOs to include a number of other functions (such as running payrolls, and much more). Through the DAC structure, Metis aims to become much more than a simple scaling solution; we plan to become a hub for the entire Web3 economy. So far we have onboarded a pair of exciting Future of Work/DAO projects (with more to come):

  • Opolis is a Digital Employment Cooperative offering high-quality, affordable employment benefits and shared services to independent contractors, freelancers, digital nomads, solopreneurs, and sole-practitioners.

Decentralized Launchpads

One of the fastest-growing segments of the blockchain industry is the decentralized launchpad. To date, Metis has forged partnerships with two different projects involved in launchpad activities (with more to come):

  • When Metis had its IDO on May 13 of this year, we turned to PAID Network’s Ignition launchpad to back our IDO. PAID’s ecosystem continues to grow, thanks to the recent debut of its Apollo-X launchpad. Metis’ partnership with PAID has grown far beyond that IDO event, with PAID set to integrate both Ignition and Apollo-X onto Metis Layer 2.

Blockchain Communities

Blockchain communities are essential for building awareness and educating people on all the benefits that this new technology has to offer. Metis’ community partners are:

  • Co-founded by Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline, CryptoChicks started as two blockchain-savvy women having coffee with a few friends to discuss what blockchain and crypto were all about, eventually evolving into a global education and advocacy group that runs meetups in 56 countries. Sinenikova went on to become CEO and co-founder of Metis, retaining close ties between CryptoChicks and Metis, such as CryptoChicks becoming Metis’ official blockchain education provider in Colombia, as Metis expands its base of operations and partnerships in Latin America.

Crypto Wallets

Metis plans to partner with multiple different cryptocurrency wallet providers, giving users numerous options when it comes to crypto custody. Its wallet partners to date are:

  • Trustee Wallet is a one-stop shop for crypto holders and investors, enabling users to hodl, #buy, #sell and #swap — all in one app.


Few segments of the blockchain world have boomed more resoundingly in 2021 than NFTs. Metis is in discussions with multiple different NFT projects as we build our ecosystem. Our current NFT partner is:

  • is a multi-ecosystem, cross-chain one-stop service and trading platform with an associated wallet that enables users to start their NFT journey quickly and easily.


Finally, centralized social network platforms have come under scrutiny for numerous reasons over the years, from privacy concerns to gatekeepers who reserve the right to de-platform users at any time. That’s why we’re excited to partner with…:

  • is building a rewards-sharing app which will include secure and efficient video-sharing social networking functionality, with omni-feed AI technology for news and video feeds.

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