As an organization deeply committed to the spirit of community, Metis strives to encourage and reward everyone who’s helping us refine and improve our products and services. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a special airdrop of Metis tokens for all the loyal users who have tested the Prologue on the Metis Layer 2 alpha testnet.

The criteria for winning and thus becoming eligible to receive Metis tokens in our airdrop are based on a point system. Whenever a user takes any of the actions outlined below, he/she accumulates points. …

Metis to Trade on Crypto Exchange

Layer 2 blockchain company Metis will trade on, starting from May 13, the day of Metis’ Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Startup becomes the second launchpad to join with Metis for its IDO/IEO. PAID Network’s recently announced that it would launch Metis on PAID’s Ignition launchpad, with whitelist lottery results slated to be announced on May 10.

Meanwhile, will join Uniswap as the two exchanges that will enable investors to trade Metis tokens starting on May 13. Metis token’s trading symbol will be $METIS.

As part of its agreement with Metis…

By Alfonso de la Rocha

In the past few months, the price of ETH has surged, and the usage of the Ethereum network has significantly increased. The main culprits for this trend have been the renewed interest in NFTs and the consolidation of DeFi applications, along with the outstanding growth of the cryptocurrency market. This has resulted in a number of “not so pleasant” consequences for DApp developers in the Ethereum ecosystem: mainly, the network’s inability to accommodate the increase in usage leading to high gas costs (even more if you want your transaction to be validated in the next…

Metis IDO Scheduled for May 13

Layer 2 rollup company Metis kicked off its IDO campaign Wednesday, announcing that it will partner with PAID Network’s IGNITION launchpad for an Initial DEX Offering on May 13.

The schedule of events related to the IDO will be as follows:

May 5: Metis Whitelist opens, 1PM UTC

May 8: Metis Whitelist closes, 4 am UTC

May 10: Announcement of lottery winners and IDO details, 1–2 pm UTC

May 13: Metis IDO — First pools open at 11 am UTC

Metis will trade under the symbol $METIS.

To participate in PAID Network Ignition’s whitelist…

Here’s What Comes Next

“Rebuilding the Tower of Babel”, the first ever community-minted NFT, earned a winning bid of 16.1 ETH — about $51,000 when the auction ended — on Monday.

With this historic event created by Layer 2 blockchain company Metis now complete, the 256 Tribes that joined together to mint the NFT now get to share in the proceeds, splitting 70% of the earnings. The remaining 30% of the earnings will go to Canadian artist Matt Vegh and his research lab StarCloud AI.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the auction’s results:


We are immensely grateful for the participation of the community in our NFT Airdrop, and we’re very excited to introduce more community-based, collaborative events in the future!

We had scheduled this event to take place over a period of five days. However, due to overwhelming demand, the event ended in just over 90 minutes instead. As a result, we are now trying to reschedule the unveiling of our newly minted Tower of Babel to take place before April 25.

The next step in the process is for all participants to race and become…

TORONTO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2021 11:00 AM ET — Metis, the project focusing on developing technical and organizational infrastructure for the Web 3.0 economy, presents the first-ever community-minted *Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Known as “Rebuilding the Tower of Babel”, this community-minted NFT will bring people together to create a versatile community. Once the NFT is minted, it will be auctioned on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, with all proceeds shared3 among contributors.

By introducing the first-ever community-minted Non-Fungible Token, Metis will create a very different spin on the fast-growing NFT industry. …

We are excited to announce the “METIS MEME STREAK” the first community meme contest. As we set out to revolutionize how people and business collaborate using blockchain technology, our “Metis Prologue” testing over the past weeks has shown proof of how easy it is to build on Metis layer 2 solution. To prepare ourselves ahead of more exciting updates coming from Metis, we have dedicated two days for a twitter meme contest. All talented meme, gif, video or sticker creators are encouraged to take part of Metis meme streak contest by giving out their best creation and showing their ingenuity.


Table of Contents



Create A Personal Account and DAC

Task Management User Guide

Knowledge Management User Guide


This guide is for first-time users to create an account on Prologue, the test DApp built on Metis alpha testnet. Users can log into Prologue to:

· Create a DAC

· Join a DAC

· Publish a task or claim a task

· Participate in knowledge base maintenance


· DAC — Decentralized Autonomous Company

· DAC Initiator/Collaborator — DAC Owner/creator/manager

· DAC Member — One who joins a…

The wait is over! This week, MetisDAO released a demo app for our Layer 2 alpha testnet.

The release marked the next step in the evolution of Metis Rollup, a scalable Layer 2 solution that will enable people to build DApps and decentralized businesses with higher functionality, far lower fees, and an ease of use that will open the door for even blockchain novices to build.

Interested in testing our demo app? Sign up at

Want to read more about our Layer 2 alpha testnet launch? Yahoo Finance was one of many to report on the release. …


Layer 2 protocol to run Decentralized Economies

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